A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

To new beginnings…

I felt that it was only fair to start a new blog someplace where I haven’t yet trod. There seems to be an issue as of late with people who don’t know me pretending that they do, and I can’t stand that. There is way too much happening as of late for me to be dealing with their pettiness.

It’s nice to breath new air.

So….the wedding’s up the air as to when and how. That will all depend on when we get our own house. There’s something splendid about the idea of getting married on your own front lawn that I just can’t do away with. Not to mention that if we get the house we want, then the ceremony will be in the back of an acre long field next to a beautiful beaver and trout pond.

It’s amazing to think that I may be living in such an area within the next year. Right now, I’m in the process of signing up with the Maine Housing Authority for a class that they take which then entitles you to an easier mortgage and forgivable loans for those with low income. Working as an educational technician, you bettter believe I fit the criteria. It’ll be nice though, no longer living in an apartment in the middle of town.

Even more fresh air.


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