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Sinuses on the loose…

So I didn’t have a snow day yesterday. Aside from the fact that I felt like trash all day, it went decent for a Monday. However, today I woke up feeling like hell in between the sinus infection I’ve been experiencing for the past month (partially due to no heat in our room) and the early and massive cramps of my period, I decided to use one of my sick days. I have two left right now and in January I’ll be getting six more due to the new contract. I’m not too worried about using them, though. Especially since I don’t plan on staying in the district and thus they can’t come with me.

I’ve started writing in my hard-cover jounal again. It feels really good. I almost feel as though it’s been a missing element for too long. I guess I just really didn’t see the necessity of writing in it until that empty void that’s always here this time of the year snuck up on me. I always miss my Grampy around now. It makes it insanely hard to write out the Christmas card to only Grammy. It makes it even harder to write out the tag on the present. It’s been nearly two years….but I guess it’s just too deep of a cut to expect it to mend any time soon.


One response to “Sinuses on the loose…

  1. Busy Little Bee December 24, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    I feel the same way this time of year. A lot of the dark things in my life happened around this time of year and it’s always hard to keep a smile on my face and remember that those things are in the past. I, too, have reverted a lot of my writing to an old journal of mine I dug out of a box. This is the best time of year for journaling, I’ve found.

    Best wishes with dealing with the memories. Drink lots of tea and crochet your little heart out. That’s what I do. I am in the middle of 8 projects to help meditate through the mess.

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