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Everything under the sun is beautiful in it’s own…

Well, visiting the family proved to be a major blast! Among the great things that I recieved, some of the best really surprised me! For one, Mom and Dad, knowing how I’ve been wanting to update my wardrobe to a more career oriented one, gave me a decent chunk of money in the form of JCPenny gift cards. I’m now ecstatically waiting for two suits from the outlet website to come in. I’m hoping I’ll at lesat like one of them. Original cost total: $130.00. Outlet cost total: $70.00. Is that a steal or what?

Also, the other greatest gift I recieved is that the mother-in-law, Glenda, took me craft shopping for my gift! I was able to pick up enough bulk weight brown and cream yarn that I should be able to make Joe a nice, super-warm afagahn this winter. Thankfully it won’t be too heavy since I’m using my new size N crochet hook. You heard me right, size N! The thing is awesome! Joe couldn’t believe how big it was until I showed him a size S and then he realized that while N is large, at least it’s workable.

Continuing on with the craft topic for a little while longer, I should have my Etsy shop up and running by late afternoon (hopefully). I finally have enough stuff made that I can justify working on taking the pictures and putting the items up for sale. My only worry right now is that I don’t have enough wire to continue making things right at the moment, so I’ll have to budget that out. I also have the itch to make more beads, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself only to be find out that I won’t be as successful as I thought. Joe’s going to help me out by posting around on hisnumerous forums as to what’s in my shop and where to find it. For those who want to keep an eye on it, here’s the address: tmr228.etsy.com. Like I said, it should be up sometime this afternoon/evening.


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