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A Monday off…how I love it!

Well, the hubby’s gone back to New Sharon to do some snowmobiling with the brother. It’s one of the few times that they’ve been able to go back. As much as I love his family, we went down Saturnday for our day with them. I don’t mind being here by myself. It will give me a chance to catch up on a lot of cleaning and maybe get some more crochetting done. (FYI: my knitted scarf is now almost a foot long!)

While we were down Saturday, we went and looked at a house in Fairfield (sans-realtor) twice. It’s so cute!

The main part of the house was constructed in 1800. (That’s the section of the house with the antenna. YAY! One less thing on the to-buy list.) The first section that was added on is just the kitchen! It’s a really nice sized, eat-in kitchen, which is just what I want. Off from the kitchen is a very beautiful sunporch! It’s not very big, maybe 5 x 10, but I can so picture our kids doing homework out there! Or even better, me having my morning coffee.
Right now it has only three bedrooms, which since we’re planning on three kids, makes it a little tight. BUT the garage is an attached garage, which neither Joe nor I like attached garages, SO what we would plan for this house would be to eventually make the garage into the living room and the living room into a master bedroom. Joe want’s a garage that’s at least two cars anyhow, so it works for me! OR the other plan may be, depending on the size of the bedrooms, we could divide one in half…but I would feel bad giving my kis anything less than an 8 x 5.
Well, I guess that’s it for now. I’m off to crank out some chore and finish my coffee. Don’t be surprised if there’s yet another post on here later today.


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