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Addictions anew!

I wish I could say that I really don’t have any addictions, but the unfortunate thing is that I do…and too many! I guess it works out for the best, however. I’ve really needed a weekend of nothing but vegging and this sinus bug is giving me just that!

One of my most recurring addictions is the game Diablo. I know I’m going to catch some greif for saying, “Yes, I play Diablo one, not two,” but the truth is, I don’t really care. *g* I have yet to beat Diablo I and feel that until I do, Diablo II should sit and wait. I am finally down to level nine and working my way through the caverns. The interesting thing is that, this time, I didn’t have to go through the Skeleton King. I did, however, have to destroy Zhar the Mad, but once I found some scrolls of stone curse, it was all over! I do have to say that it’s excedingly difficult playing thr rouge with a flail.

Another addiction right now is crafting. Anything. The current list of projects is as follows:

– Country Rose Wave Afghan for Willow (hooks)
– Heavy Arrow Afghan for Joe (hooks)
– Turtle Earrings (Or Pendants) (Sculpey)
– 1 Skien Waterfall Knit Scarf, possible for Desi (needles)
– Merino Headband (needles)

There’s an interesting story to the headband. When I first decided I was going to pick up knitting, I was going to try to make some sock A.S.A.P., but I realized I don’t have the right tools right now. This realization came AFTER I had ordered a measly 100 yards of Merino off from Etsy. Well, I hadn’t researched enough before, and I now know that it takes at least 300 yards for a pair of socks…so I found a really simplistic headband pattern that I figure I would try. It will keep me in practice with switching between purl and knit stitch.

I suppose I should be off. I really need to do some dishes and then put some time into some lessons. Only two weeks until I’m three and twenty. Goddess, I am old! :-)


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