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And somethings are better left unsaid..

Well, it seems as though there was more in my past that was kept secret from me than what I had originally thought. Years ago, my uncle Mike lived with us because, according to my parents, his daughter had falsely claimed that he had abused her. I happened to be lurking on the Maine Sex Offender Regestry to check out the towns we’re thinking about moving into. I decided to check and see who was listed from the area I grew up in.

Apparently my parents decided to never come clean with the fact that my uncle was found guilty of gross sexual assault of a minor and that he spent 30 days in jail. It’s great to know that my parents put so much trust in my uncle to let him stay with us. Whether or not I mean that sarcastically, I really don’t know right now.

3 responses to “And somethings are better left unsaid..

  1. Jen January 30, 2008 at 12:34 am

    Wow. That’s a tough one. It’s a harsh reality to face.

  2. Des January 31, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Something like that can be hard to face. But had you not come across that, you would have never known and would have continued to be happy not knowing, I’m sure.

    Why don’t you ask your parents about it? Only last year my mother told me about a situation when Mandy and I were young children and one of my cousins came to talk to her about my step grandfather. She made claims against him that my mother had to weigh. Did she trust her teenage neice who was well known to make up lies for attention, or did she trust her gut about this quiet and harmless old man? She chose to trust her gut on this one, nothing never came of the apparent lie, and no one ever had a problem with him.

    Whose to say that your Uncle was involved in something like this, or the situation was weird, or maybe there was something else. I’m sure your parents would have never put you and your brother in danger. So maybe you should find out the truth from them. But only if you are ready to hear anything and everything.

  3. habitsofamouse February 2, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    I wish it was that easy, being able to talkto my parents about stuff like that. Similar issues with different individuals have come up in the past.

    Such as learning that my Uncle Steven was a pot addict and alcoholic who was molested in youth. My brother and I didn’t find any of that out until after Steven commited suicide. Now, when I try to talk to my dad about it to get clarification if Steven was using while he was living with us, dad just gets irrational about it all. His family was never good with being open about things.

    Neither was my mom’s, due to my grandfather’s alcoholism when she was growing up. Which makes her also a dead end. However, I did talk to Pete about it for a while. That seemed to help. He was just as annoyed/pissed as I was that no one ever told us the full truth. It really makes us take a second look at how our parents raised us and what we want to do right.

    The only reason I could see that Uncle Mike truly did what he was pegged for is that he’s seemed to live his life since then in regret. He’s always lavished Jamie with gifts, even going so far as to give her his house and move into a smaller one. He always acted slightly guilt ridden when it came to her. Because of my parents’ comments, we were just led to believe that she was spoiled rotten. It’s hard to tell if that’s the case now.

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