A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Yay! I finished my socks!

Well, they’re not the prettiest things in the world, but they’re warm and they were a tremendous learning experience! Please excuse the poor shots. Our digital is a bit outdated, but at least it works!


This next pick was before I tied in the tails.

The only complaints I have:

1. Holes at the top of the diagonal. I’ll go back and patch these later. For right now, I’m just happy they’re not as large as what the pattern warned.

2. The binding off process. I had a really hard time with it. Next pair, I’m trying the Elizabeth Zimmerman method.

3. There are a couple areas where my stitches are not as pretty as they could be simply because I broke my yarn once on each sock and became a little chicken to tense as tight as I had been. That’s alright…like I said, this was a learning process.

The plus side is that once I darn the wholes, I think I might have enough to make the Fair-Isle coffee cup cozy I was playing with the idea of….either that or a cat toy for Ashes.


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