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Random scurryings of a writer.

Update for the weekend.

I might have the chance to do some more updating later, but I figured I would give a brief snippet now.

 For thos of you who read my last post, we did go down and look at the house. It is the cutest thing ever! We’re now in the process of e-mailing back and forth with the realtor that we found in order to make sure we’re not missing any additional houses in the area that would fit the bill, such as ones that are for sale by owner. Hopefully we’ll get to go down to look at some of them around the end of March, beginning of April. The only issue that we could find with this house is that there is a bulge on the side, but that might be minor from all the research I’ve been doing.

 On another note, I finished Joe’s couchaghan. :-D I might add some more to it if I can ever find any additional yarn. (I bought this stuff on clearance and the site says they no longer make it.) I also am half way done with the blush/scarflette I’m working on. I also started Joe’s socks. Plus, with some of my left-over birthday money, I went to Fiberphelia and picked up some Ultra Alpaca to do a capelette with.

However, I have to limit myself today. I have a lot of chores to do and I really should make some earrings to post on Etsy, not that I’ve been selling anything. :-( Hopefully that will change, though.)


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