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How to Find Your Passion — Feb. 27, 2008

(Here’s an article I wrote about a month ago that I never got around to posting on Helium. I hope you all enjoy.)

Passion is something that people claim they can “find,” like finding a five dollar bill on the sidewalk or finding your cat tearing apart your favorite sweater. They claim that you can find it by accident or go out of your way looking for it. I whole heartedly disagree.

Passion: It’s a word that we seldom hear nowadays, especially when it comes to our jobs. Passion isn’t something you can stumble across on the street or seek out like a personal ad. Passion is a natural desire down in the core of your being. Notice the lack of the words “talented” and “good at,” passion has nothing to do with abilities. It does, however, have everything to do with desire, drive, and determination. Passion has to do with how vibrant you are about something.

Passion can not be sought. This has already been stated. But if that’s so, how do you put a name on your passion? How do you claim it as your passion? There are many theories on how this can be done, but the purest way seems to be thus: To know yourself.

What does “to know yourself” mean? It means to have an understanding of your emotional wants, an understanding of what is bottled deep inside of you, and understanding of what makes you you. While this may seem a very intangible, abstract concept when first considered, the task does not require much at all. For starters, try asking yourself the following questions.

* “What do I enjoy in life?” – For myself, this question was easy: language. I love hearing the words of the English language used and arranged in new ways. To hear a writer’s voice come through a piece is music to my ears and gentle on my eyes.

* “What really gets to you? What really makes you upset?” – Nothing boils my blood so much as censorship, and it doesn’t even have to be an extreme form of censorship. Such simple ones, as telling a student there’s only one way to form an essay, steams me.

* “What tugs at your heart stings?” – I can remember tearing up the first time my younger brother read me a bedtime story and not the other way around. I was so proud I almost cried. In fact, I think I might have a little.

* “What pulls you in? What can you never get enough of?” – Stories! Written or orally shared, I never tire of stories. It matters not the genre, whether they’re fiction or nonfiction, you’ve got my attention.

I use myself as an example because I can tell you very plainly that my passion is language. When I realized this, I was able to make the choice that, no matter what, I would work in a field where I would be surrounded by language everyday and use it to it’s full ability. This is why I am an English teacher. Having this passion has allowed me to not only love my job but to allow it to be a part of my life in a way that I don’t find tedious and boring.

Four simple questions which, when answered truthfully, can open your eyes to whatever passion lies within. Now, keep in mind that this may take some decoding on your part and maybe a little ingenuity, but finding your passion can help lead you to a life that is more fulfilling than a passionless one.


One response to “How to Find Your Passion — Feb. 27, 2008

  1. dylz May 9, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    my passion is money

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