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Another update!

I had to chuckle. After posting the last update, I looked over the new comments and had to laugh! Someone had just bugged me to update, so I figured I would give a more indepth update.

House hunting is literally driving me batty. I haven’t been home for a full weekend in the past four weeks and we’re going back again this week to do some drive bys of about four houses. (I should speak now on the fact that this post might not be without spelling errors due to getting used to a full sized keyboard once more.) It’s really starting to wear me down, but I think that part of it is it lack of funds for a healthy diet and a lack of exercise that is extreme. Hopefully once those two factors are under control, I’ll be able to function normally.

Plus work isn’t helping. We just had a new hlaf-way house student start and an additional student will be moving down into the composite room just for math. He’s lower than the boy I work with now. Each day that I go into that room, I miss Shakespeare more and more. Not to mention Marlow, Dumas, and Melville. My lifelong friends, where are your words that I can share? I even went to the school library today and took out Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I have yet to read it, due to many reasons, and it will be interesting to see what certain beings think of said book. Who knows, maybe this is something I really need right now.

I have also started the application process, with a ton of editing help from Jen! So far only two positions have appeared in the are I’m looking in. I applied to both. One was in Waterville, the other in China. I know Waterville received my application, but I don’t know about China. I’ll be calling Friday or Monday. I sent it out just two days ago, so I’ll probably wait until Monday.

Crafts have been interesting as of late. I really have had no time….no, I change that: I haven’t given myself time to work on them. I was really missing it, too. Yesterday I made a cat toy for Ashes and then I did a few rows on Joe’s sock this afternoon. It felt really calming to work on that. I wish I had more time for it right now.

After my mental breakdown last night (and yes, it was really that bad), I feel as though I am willing to fight to get my life back on track. Unfortunately there are a few factors that I can do nothing about because my hands are currently tied a the moment when it comes to those certain issues. Here’s hoping that those ropes fray off sooner than later.


2 responses to “Another update!

  1. Jen April 3, 2008 at 2:04 am

    House hunting is exciting but tiring. I can’t wait to do so myself, and yet, I dread it, too. Good luck with finding a house and a job. We’re in similar boats right now. Misery loves company, right?

    And speaking of Dracula, I haven’t read it yet, either. Tell you what, I’ll grab a copy from the library, too, and we can read it together! How does that sound?

  2. habitsofamouse April 3, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    That sounds like a great idea!

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