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Finally, a semi-free weekend.

While I said I was going to do a yard sale every weekend I didn’t go back to do house stuff, I really don’t have the ambition. Instead, I think it’s going to be a stress-free weekend of sorting through things and doing crafts. Speaking of which, I’m tiring of working on Joe’s socks and Willow’s blanket. I have no me projects right now, so I’m now in the process of trying to decide which shawl I was to try knitting. I’ve been searching through a list of 352 shawl patterns found at http://simpleknits.blogspot.com/2007/08/296-triangle-shawl-patterns.html

I think it’s finally come down to the ModaDea knit shoulder wrap (http://www.modadea.com/patterns/LM0260.htm) or the Thrift Shop Shawl (http://cu-needleworks.com/Patterns/Shawls/Thrift_shop_shawl/thrift_shop_shawl.pdf). I’m kind of leaning more towards the Thrift Shop Shawl.

EDIT: Looking over the patterns again. I’m thinking I’m going to gauge up the ModaDea with the Alpaca I have. Granted, it calls for size 10 needles and the largest I have are sevens, but we’ll see how it looks.


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