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Wow, two posts in one day! I guess you’re all a very lucky bunch to be poking into my little world like this. :-) So the reason that I’ve been somewhat avoiding this area of the internet is simply because I’ve been afraid to talk about the house for fear of things going wrong. In all reality, I’m going crazy thinking about next Friday. We’re going down then to meet with Shirley about the mortgage, to get the official application in. I’m really scared about this. Things have been working out so well thus far that I’m just afraid something will go haywire. I’ve never really had anything go smooth without me freaking out about it, so hopefully that’s a sign. Now that I just said that, I’m worried I jinxed it. You see? This is what I’ve been going through since our bid was accepted.

I know I’ve posted some outside pictures on the house here for all of you, but I figured I would post some of the interior. Please forgive me if the pictures and captions are a little mangled. I still haven’t really gotten the hang of doing multi-media posts like this.

First off is the living room. Thankfully it has been painted since these pictures…shoddily so, but it has been painted.

Living RoomLiving Room 2

Living Room 3

Then there is the kitchen and a picture of the washroom, which is located off from the kitchen.

Kitchen 1Kitchen 2

Kitchen NookWashroom

I do have some pictures of the bedrooms on my camera, but I haven’t really had the want to take them off. Like I’ve said before, I’m trying to keep my feelings in reserve right now so I won’t lose all sanity if something goes wrong with it all.

On the work side of things, I did receive a letter back from Skowhegan Area High School stating that they had received my application and that it was fully completed. Now I just have to decide if I should still call at the week mark to see when they think they’ll be setting up interviews or if I should just wait and see. On another positive note, Waterville how has two spots open at the high school level, so here’s hoping I at least get an interview down there!


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