A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Crazy go-nuts

So our closing date has been officially moved to Friday the 13th. I love it! Friday the 13th has always been wicked lucky for me. :-) The seller agreed to take of everything except for some landscaping issues that we can easily fix since we have access to a gravel yard and all that. Needless to say, though, this makes life a bit more interesting. I have to say that I feel really bad about this, but I don’t think I’ll get the chance to really visit anyone before we move. :-( But….it’s not like I don’t have a car or what not. Or like Norridgewock isn’t the half-way point to Rumford or anything. :-)

Tomorrow (6/4): After School Program ’til4:30

Thursday (6/5): After School Program ’til 4:30

Friday (6/6): Packing and a box run

Saturday (6/7): Picking up job applications, working on the house in Norridgewock, and visiting Joe’s family.

Sunday (6/8): Filling out piles of applications and more packing.

Monday (6/9): Packing

Tuesday (6/10): Packing, last minute grading, organizing the class room, and probably staying after to help get some things boxed for Bill.

Wednesday (6/11): Yearbooks are out….work will be fun. ~_~

Thursday (6/12): Field day…all day. Need I say more?

Friday (6/13): CLOSING!! Cleaning the house and having Pete help us move some stuff from New Sharon. Mom and Dad possibly stopping in, Glenda and Mark most likely than not stopping by.

Saturday (6/14): Cleaning, fixing shelves, and unpacking some things. Also making phone calls to companies to get things hooked up. More applications.

Sunday (6/15): More of Saturday in carbon copy.

Monday (6/16): Last day of school. Half day. Pete comes up to help us move.

Tuesday (6/17): Running time and packing time!

Wednesday (6/18): LAST RUN! Isaac helps us with the van.

The only frustrating thing on top of all that is that the shawl I was making ended up being WAY too small, so I’ll have to make a second one and sew them together as panels. I doubt I’ll have this done for the morning on the 19th. Bah. One of the things making life a lot easier is that Joe has a second interview this week at the same place, so I will hopefully be able to broadcast his job to the world come Friday!


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