A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Updates and refreshing

For those of you that look at this thing every now and then, you’ll notice that I’ve done some updating around here. I know that I’m probably going to catch a little grief for deleting my 101/1001 page, but I realized that as great of an idea that the page was, it just wasn’t for me. I don’t do well with looking ath the long term as far as goals go. Short term works much better for me. So I will now have a page dedicated to short term goals and the process of completing such goals. Hopefully this will help set my sights with a little more focus. Look for that page either tonight or tomorrow at some point in time.

Not only have I been working in this piece of web space, but I have also done a bit of revamping to my online teaching portfolio. It’s no where near complete, and I’m hoping to get more done on it tomorrow. Since in currently am unemployed in all senses of the word, I have decided that from now on I will put at least four house into my portfolio, applications, and units. There’s really no reason as to why I can’t, especially with all the progress made around the house. The kitchen’s unpacked, the living room’s done, and the bedroom’s half way there. What household projects I have will have to wait until I have an income, so I won’t have much to do in that area of the world for the time being.

Speaking of jobs, I’ve dropped off and filled out numerous applications for grunt work both online and in person. Right now I also have four teaching related applications to do. (Augusta, Harmony, Oakland, and a writing tutor one for Thomas College in Waterville.) I’m really hoping that something will crop up sooner than later.


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