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Update on life.

So I still haven’t even received calls on jobs that I’ve applied for yet, neither career wise nor burger flippin’ wise. I have decided, however horrible of an idea, that if by some stroke of luck I do get a teaching job lined up for the fall that I will take the rest of the summer off and just throw August’s bills on my credit card. It just seems like a good idea right now. Don’t patronize me for it, however. After all, it’s just an idea.

I do have two applications I should really strive to get out today. The Oakland one really has me biting my nails on the personal reflection write up. I get so caught up on those things. I think i just need to learn to relax about that.  I think that if they don’t like my reflection they won’t give me the time of day, and while that’s mostly correct, it’s probably not the “sincher.” I just need to learn to breath.

Speaking of breathing, my stress levels are back to where they were at the end of the school year. My neck has a constant kink, not to mention a constant dull pain. I really wish that I had a better method of dealing with things. I really should get back into yoga….I should be able to. It’s not like I’m working too much. Actually, I think that I’ve been putting in more hours on the house (when it’s not ridiculously hot) than normally done in a work week. Yikes.

However, I have been knitting. A while ago, I tried to make a shawl but stopped an entire skien short. Thankfully it made a really nice two triangle pattern, so I’m working on a second one and the plan is to sew the two together into one really nice, snuggle alpaca shawl. Granted, the random breaks in the yarn are causing more frustration than not, but that’s alright.


2 responses to “Update on life.

  1. sensiblevermonter July 11, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Stress, I hate it. I think I take mine like you do- slowly traveling up the back, into my neck, and usually into my head where it gives me mini-migranes. Yoga, yes, goodness, I should get back into it too. I have a wonderful dvd that’s great, but you know how it is, always find something else that needs to be done. Atleast you are working on the house, and I’m sure that makes you feel super accomplished. Try not to stress though, things will work out on their own in due time, I know it.

    About knitting, I was at a craft fair last weekend and saw a woman spinning. I’ve seen plenty of women at fairs do it, but I finally had the courage to go up and talk to her, and super duper nice was she! It totally made me think about you. :)

    I hope you can find time to de-stress a little tonight. Go outside, read or just quietly enjoy the sunset and then the arrival of the stars. :)

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