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Random scurryings of a writer.

Jobs and Knitting

So I took too long on one of my applications. One of the schools I was too gun-shy to apply to have removed the posted position from their website, which most likely than not means that the position has been filled.  Part of me is torn by this. I can take this as two different cosmic signs: 1. that I will be receiving a call from Bingham with an offer, or 2. that this is a cosmic slap across the face for being an idiot and that said job would have been the one that I was offered. Well, it total defiance, I am going to ignore both. Mainly, this choice is to save what little sanity I have left.

On another note, I did get out my Newport application yesterday and I will be filling out an application today for an adjunct position at unity College for level 100 composition. While it would only be a one-semester position, it may lead to bigger and better things. My goal for tonight is to get out the Unity application and try to write at least one other article for helium.com. I’m hoping that if I set mini-goals for myself like this that it might help me feel a little more successful.

Knitting wise, I have finished one of my goals that was listed for this month: my shawl. It came into being via two pieces that were not even close to similar size, but I stitched them together so that they look beautiful as one piece. I’ll have to take some pictures later. I’ve definitely learned my lesson, however. Apparently shawls should either be done in sections or on circular needles, of which I only have one plastic one that I have a hard time coming to an agreement with when we work together. The neck project will be to start Joe’s other sock.

Well, off to work on the fish and potato chowdah!


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