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I need a visual…

So the only reason I’m doing this is because I NEED to see this list done out. This is the list of the time that I’ve put into teaching applications. Let me stress that again — TEACHING applications — this does not include the regular job apps that I have also been sending out.

* Waterville High School

* Union 52 (China)

* MSAD 59 (Madison)

* MSAD 54 (Skowhegan)

* MSAD 53 (Pittsfield)

* MSAD 9 (Farmington) — Also had app put into pool for 1/2 time GT spot.

* Thomas College (Waterville) — Writing and Learning Specialist Position has been upped to Tutoring Coordinator…and I was asked specifically in an e-mail if I wanted my application passed on….at least, I’m hoping it wasn’t a form letter. :-)

* Augusta School Department

* Harmon School Department

* MSAD 13 (Bingham) – Received interview…but they have made an offer to someone else.

* MSAD 48 (Newport)

* MSAD 49 (Fairfield)

* Unity College — Adjunct for College Composition

That makes 13 applications for teaching positions I have sent out and only one call for an interview. I know that the odds are low, but I just can’t help but think that maybe I’m doing something horribly wrong and that why no one wants me. I know that’s not the right way to think about it, either, but…ya know? I just don’t want to be one of these people that apply for a resource room spot hoping just to have it for a minimal amount of time in hopes that I can move up, only to be stuck there. Yikes.

I guess if worse comes to worse I could always try to live off from subbing. There’s good money in it, but only if you apply to enough school districts that you never have to worry about if you won’t get a call. I think that will be my next chore as far as paper work goes. I don’t know if I should just call and have them put a copy of my teaching application into those piles or not, but I think I’ll probably just reapply using the sub apps.


I’ve noticed that I’m starting to have a habit of this. Heh. Just had to update the Thomas College spot.


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