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Steady rains

As many who live in Maine know, the water table is currently high due to all the rain. For us, the easies judgment for this is to look out into our yard. No, we don’t live in a flood zone, but we do have a stream that feeds off the surrounding hills and dumps into the brook further on down the road. For a comparison, check out the following pictures:

Both of these shots were taken from the master bedroom. The first one is from March, I believe, of this year. This has been the normal height of the stream throughout the summer. The second picture was taken this morning. I know they’re slightly off from one another, but I think you get the drift. This spring, during the “five year flood,” the water was as far up as the end of the telephone poll that is knocked over in the first picture. Amazing, huh? The nice thing is that we got a free $200.00 sump with the house.

In other news, I’m really hoping that this rain isn’t destroying the hay crop for the area farmers. I always knew that there was a lot of farming in Maine, but growing up and then spending your college days in a mill town, you’re not effected by it. Being in Central Maine and making the move to buy local, you really do feel the sway of what happens on the farm more. I’m also personally a little worried about our garden. The excessive amount of rain could cause the bean plants to mold and the lack of humidity has not been kind to the tomatoes. Here’s hoping that we still get something out of our late garden.


One response to “Steady rains

  1. sensiblevermonter August 10, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Wow, I saw your second post too. I’m glad they fixed your situation so quickly! I know what you mean about crops and the like. I’ve heard a number of people complain that they lost a huge portion of their hay crop. With the frequent rains, it was a battle- let the hay grow longer and loose money from the delay and quality as it aged, or take the risk to quickly cut it then bale it before the rain comes and ruins it. With some sunny mornings, people got straight to work baling. A lot was saved, but as the afternoon came in, so did some fast moving rains. A lot will have to be used for mulch because it got wet and wont keep for feed.

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