A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Smooth(er) sailing

Joe and I talked for a bit last night before bed. He ran the numbers and it looks like we could live off from his income as far as into November, before his student loans come. While it would still be tight, it’s removed a large load off from my shoulders. I kept stressing over the fact that the school year’s almost here and I don’t have a job, which we need the money from. Now knowing that we’d be alright until November if I can’t find a job really helps. That allows me to breath a bit easier. Plus, I’m not as worried about whether or not I’ll be able to “pass” an interview. (So far I’m 0:2, not very good odds, I feel.) This is all great timing on his part, as he knows I have the interview this morning. :-) I guess that’s the only reason he really even thought of running the numbers and all.

On another note, I use my teapot yesterday. It made me very happy. It also made some very nice tea. :-) I spoiled myself and picked up some Tea Spot Red Rocks Tea, which was only $7.99 at Hannaford. It’s realy good stuff! Joe didn’t seem to like it too much, but I did make my cup with creamer and not milk. He agreed to try it again the next time I make it. I think today’s tea will end up being Bigelow’s Vanilla Carmel, simply because I finally bought a new box of bags. Either that, or the leftovers from yesterday’s Red Rocks.

Now, the only debate that remains is whether or not I want to make a tea-cozy. Hmmm.


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