A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Here comes September

I figured since I hadn’t written in here for a while that I would update real quick. Work wise, things have been…interesting to say the least. Warsaw has one of the best atmospheres I have ever been in. I’ve been moved up to an Ed. Tech. III after commenting to the curriculum coordinator that legally I could not do group work alone as an Ed. Tech. II, and thus received a small raise that will be primarily negated out of the decision to continue my life insurance. Unfortunately I am in the current battle of whether to take the pay cut back to an Ed. Tech. II and work in the newly opened literacy spot or to continue in the math position. I told my principal that I would have my decision Tuesday. I have a feeling I will stay in math. As much as my passion lies in reading, right now it’s just not an option.

As far as my August goals go, they didn’t make it. This was a really weird month for me and I feel awful that I didn’t meet said goals, but my depression hit really hard about the lack of work, and then finding out the weekend before the in-service days that I was hired really had me running around in circles finishing other household things. I’m hoping that September will prove a bit more productive in the goals area of things.

On the professional side of it all, I’m looking into taking a math course this spring to help boost my transcript, but I’m deathly afraid of even thinking about the word “calculus” for too long. Here’s hoping that I can find an online course I can do at my own pace. Granted, that will all depend on exactly what will and won’t be covered by the school. Also, I’ve decided that I really do need to have a hard-copy portfolio. So now it’s just a matter of getting everything together and working on that. Last year, for some odd reason, I really didn’t feel like it would matter at all, but now I do.


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