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Random scurryings of a writer.

Plans and Strategies

First off, let me start by saying that the past two days I have unsuccessfully been fighting with the formatting on my last post. After the block quote it just simply won’t let me add in any paragraphs. Grah. Oh well. (This is yet another reason why I still prefer paper and pen to a computer blog.) Here’s hoping this one comes out formatted correctly.

Heating Season

For all those who live in New England, I don’t think I have to address this topic too far in depth as we all know the drill: a.) plastic windows you know you won’t use; b.) flannel curtians over all of them, regardless of usage; c.) quilts go on the bed and an afghan for every chair; d.) longjohns and thermal undershirts are your friend! We think we have it worked out that if we put in 100 gallons of oil a month into the tank than we’ll be all set. It actually looks as though we might be able to afford it, too. Too bad we didn’t buy it last week before the hurricane, though. :-( As bad as I feel for those hit, I still have to feel a little personal pain in the wallet and will do so without feeling horrible about it.


So in my current position as a math tutor in the Title I program, I am required to base my teaching and what not around a program called VMath. I don’t like it. I detest it. Each page is overloaded with information (specifically for my 5th graders) and what instructions that are on the page are VERY vague. It’s too much like what we used at the Sylvan Learning Center. I do have room for supplementation, but for the most part the Title I coordinator wants us to stick to the VMath. Already I’m praying for a “regular” job next year.


So it looks like I might be recieving two rabbits from my s-i-l. I mentioned way back before we got the house that I found two of the ones she had absolutely adorable. The only issue is that I really don’t think I can afford two. I might be able to swing the one, though. I’m hoping I can find a loving home for the other. I’m not sure which one I would keep, the mini-rex, Jack, or the Holland Lop, Oatmeal. I guess it will depend on which one I get along with better and which one the cat chooses to accept. If there is anyone out there that would like to have a little fluffy, please let me know! I’ve already priced the materials for building an acceptable size rabbit cage (around $75 for all parts, keeping in mind the cage would be roughly 28″ tall, 28″ wide, and 42″ deep with a second floor for sleep and a seperate area for the littler box). I’ll keep this blog updated on when I get them and what not.


While I’ve put a lot of thought into it, I feel that I’m still up in the air on my first big knitting project. I think, however, that I will tackle the sweater for Joe this fall as it seems really simple. Granted I don’t feel I’ve seen enough knitting patterns to have a true judge for it, so if anyone wants to take a peak for me, let me know and I’ll scan you a copy of the card! One of my first questions, that I might have to list on Ravelry if I ever get the money to buy the materials, is that the pattern calls for a 29″ circular. Do these exist, or would I be better off going with a 32″? Also, I was wrong on the yarn. It calls for bulky weight, but I think I might stick to superwash…just to save any anger management issues with him accidentally running wool through the washer and dryer. Going superwashed through KnitPicks, I’ll end up spenindg $58 for yarn and needles. If I went regular wool, I’d only be spending $40. I guess I’ll kind of leave the yarn up to him. I should probably make a trip to the local yarn stores just to see what they have in the clearance bins.


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