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A long awaited update…

Well, it seems like it’s been nearly forever since I posted on here. I decided I would devote a few minutes to it in hopes that someone other than Joe reads this silly thing.

My biggest bit of news has very little to do with me and gads to do with the various animals in and outside of my house.

First off, I know I change my header image a lot, but this one will probably stay for a little while. This, my friends, is an illusive green heron. The Maine birding websites have no pictures of him, and it took me more than a week to positively idetify him. Isn’t he a beaute? He’s about the size of a crow and has been deminishing the frog population around here every time the stream floods. I’m planning to send in the pictures once I have them cropped down, no to mention printing off a nice black and white or sepia version to hang.

Secondly, I think we may have a feral coon cat around here. She was sniffing the steps last night, took off like a bolt when she saw me in the window, and look very un-human-kept. She was so pretty though! Nice large tuffs on the ears and everything. I’m hoping she comes back around. It seems her and the foxes we have tend to take turns roaming around the yard.

The biggest piece of animal news I have to relate surrounds our newest family member, Jacks the mini-rex. I picked up the dog kennel that my brother had for his last beagle when he was a puppy. I thought that it might be a bit too small, but it has the same area as the rat cage, so it’s still a “good enough” cage. It a pain to get Jacks to go into it last night. He was very confused as to why I was herding him into a different cage when his was right there. (Granted, it was empty of everything, including his beloved mineral block.)

In lui of an official littler box, I gave him a shoe box with litter in it. He didn’t use it at first last night, but this morning there was number one and number two in it! Not to mention he moved it into the middle of the cage and placed his food bowl in it. He then proceeded to grunt and give me a pretty good head butt when I took the bowl out of the littler box in order to feed him. Silly rabbit.

Keep in mind, this is a two year old mini-rex that has never had a litter box! It makes me so very proud! As great as it would be to have human children later on, I smile every time I think of simply devoting my energy to my animals.

There might be another post later tonight, but I won’t guarantee anything! A Monday off is a Monday that is very packed with chores!


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