A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

“Hope is the poor man’s bread.” ~Gary Herbert

It’s been a while since we last saw each other, my lovely readers. I think that the title quote is a good introduction to a lot that has been going on as of late. I shall try to spare you the uneeded details and stick to the meat of it all.

First off, I have had the unfortunate physical experience of learning that I am indeed allergic to a certain medication. Emotionally and spiritually, this has been an interesting week with these hives, but physically I am really close to running up the white flag. The itching and swelling, not to mention the inability to towel dry or blow dry my hair, nor use any moisturizer outside of aloe on my face, has very nearly driven me to madness. I’ve been trying to take the Phileas Fogg approach on all of this…but one can only do so until there is a spurt of itchiness that launches an attack.  However, my face has indeed cleared up and a lot of the swelling has dissipated, but my side is still very swollen and is so right along my waist, where all pants and skirts sit. Any ideas on possible wardrobe choices would be very much appreciated.

In the working world, while I have been having fun at my current job, a teaching position has opened up in another district. In talking to my principal, he suggests that I go for it and indeed I shall. I have already filled in the online part of the application and will do the rest for Monday. Originally I was going to simply mail it in, but I think that I will actually hand deliver it myself. This school district is only ten minutes from where I work now. So the downside: it’s still a ridiculous drive into work. The plus side: it would be a teacher’s salary. Not to mention I would actually be using my degree. For right now, in hopes that I might possibly even have a shot at an interview, I’m working on some lesson plans specifically for this position. It’s something to keep me going right now.

In the crafting world, I still have yet to finish Joe’s socks. I have instead been working on Christmas/Yule/Channukah/Kwanza presents instead; there have also been the craft fair articles that I have also been mass creating. I plan on putting pictures up on the craft objects sooner than later, specifically of those that I am willing to sell.


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