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It seems like a mystery as to how we’re already in December, essentially the halfway point of the school year. That just shows how much less stressful Title I is compared to composite room.

Well, the hives are gone, but now there’s this really ugly cold hanging out with me. Right now, I’d rather have the hives back.

On the plus side, my book order from One Spirit came in, which is great! I haven’t really had time to thumb through the books much, but here’s the spoils that I bought:

Life’s Companion by Christina Baldwin

“Christina Baldwin’s classic Life’s Companion was one of the first books to popularize journal writing as a means of self-development. Now, in this newly revised edition, you’ll discover the journey of personal and spiritual transformation that’s possible when you keep a journal.

Using a unique, facing-page format, Christina gently guides us through this powerful way of expanding our inner horizons and opening ourselves to a deeper relationship with the world around us. Complete with enlightening quotations, exercises, sample journal entries and techniques to nurture your “writer and seeker within,” Life’s Companion will help you use journaling as a potent tool for self-growth, heightened awareness and fulfillment.”

Unplug by Sharon Salzberg

“Created by Sounds True, Unplug is an interactive kit for giving yourself room to breathe while deepening your awareness of all your experiences. Whether you have an hour, a day, or an entire weekend, the restorative meditation practices will provide you with the keys to rediscover “who you fundamentally are.” Eight fundamental principles are covered including Calming the Mind, Facing Challenges, and Being Present, along with advice for setting up a separate space in your home for reflective moments or whenever you need a moment alone.”

The Little Book of Crystal Tips and Cures by Philip Purmutt

The Little Book of Crystal Tips & Cures introduces over 80 crystals, arranged by color with full descriptions, so you can quickly identify any stone. You’ll learn to work with crystals and discover their associations with your chakras and the zodiac. Included are simple healing techniques and ways to cleanse and store your crystals to retain their energies.”

Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck

“If you want to see a kinder, gentler world, Ellen Sandbeck suggests starting with your house. Instead of using harmful chemicals, the nontoxic avenger shows you how to maintain every part of your home—“from living room to septic tank”—using safe and simple household ingredients such as vinegar, olive oil, lemon, and even vodka.”

The Doctor’s Book of Food Remedies by Selene Yeagerand the Editors of Prevention

“Scientists are discovering hundreds of substances in foods that go beyond vitamins and minerals for pure healing power. In this fully revised and updated edition of The Doctors Book® of Food Remedies, you’ll learn how to use  nature’s “healing foods” to treat and prevent dozens of conditions from arthritis and fatigue to obesity, high blood pressure and stroke.

One of the most exciting discoveries is that berries that contain ellagic acid have been shown to block the harmful effects of cancer-causing chemicals in the body. And the list of natural foods and their healing powers goes on and on.

With 150 recipes designed to fight and reverse specific health problems, you’ll be empowered to enjoy a happier, healthier life. Softcover.

I promise that as I go through the books I will let you all know how I feel about them. I thumbed through a bunch last night, but didn’t have a solid chunk of time to actually put into them. The only reason I even got so many this order was because they gave me one of those “buy four for a dollar” deals since I hadn’t ordered anything in over a year! Here’s hoping that they’re worth every little penny!


One response to “December….yikes!

  1. sensiblevermonter December 3, 2008 at 12:03 am

    I’m glad to hear that your hives are gone. Atleast a cold will peak out then drift away quickly compared to nasty itchy things. :) I hope you enjoy your books!

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