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Do it, I dare.

You can make fun of me for the As told By Ginger header if you want. I know the show was canned forever ago and to some it might seem “childish.” If yo’re such a person, then you’ve never seen the show. There’s a lot of great points and thought provoking questions. not to mention it just makes you feel good. Right now, I just need to feel good. So, I’m loading up on the ATBG and Addams Family. If you want to make fun of me, haveatchu!


2 responses to “Do it, I dare.

  1. sensiblevermonter December 18, 2008 at 6:37 am

    Childish? NEVER! I never saw too much of it, but the ones I did see were pretty good. Pft, I love cartoons, and still watch them, and some, like you said, have some really good points. So do what you have to do, and surround yourself in what feels good. :) I tend to curl up on our loveseat, cuddle in a blanket, and watch endless episodes of our Lois and Clark collection. :) So to each her own. I hope your feel good mission is accomplished.

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