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“This house is protected by killer dust bunnies.”

Well, I have today off. I love three day weekends. Sometimes I sincerely wish that the school week was only four days long. That would be a blessing for my house. Forty-eight hours of weekend just isn’t enough for me to get everything done during the winter. Some days it feels like I’m lucky if 48 hours is long enough for me to pull myself out of bed…but that’s another story entirely.

So I’m having an issue with Jacks, my mini-rex. It seems to be mating season at it’s finest. All he’s interested in doing is biting stuff, chewing stuff, digging stuff, tufting stuff, and nipping me. Hello Oedipus (sp?) syndrome. He even chewed through the sock yarn that I’m using for Joe’s sock! Normally the only thing he does with yarn is throw the ball around. Grah. That means I’ll have to make sure I get as small a knot in the yarn as possible to make sure Joe’s sock doesn’t look weird. The frustrating thing is the silly rabbit wouldn’t let go of the yarn! Well, I guess it’s more humorous than anything. However, the bloodblisters I will now have from him nipping me are not humorous. Little bugger.

On another note, we’re also having difficulty with one of our goldfish. Guepo, the common, is VERY lethargic. To the point that it even has his sister, Kitana, the fancy, just hanging out next to him all day. I’m hoping I can get around to working on their tank a little later. Hopefully it will help some. I just get so worried for them. Goldfish, like all cold water fish, are a bit more prone to disease than tropicals, in part due to the fluctuating water temperature. Here’s hoping we can get over this hurdle like the ones we have before.

As far as the house goes, it seems that we now have yet another project to add to the long list of things to do over the long term. It seems that our house does not have enough baseboard for adequate heat during the negative 20F and below type of weather. We had a really hard time keeping the house even at 60F during that cold snap, and with a lovebird, that’s an issue. (We normally only keep the house around 68F, which is a big change for us since at the apartment we normally kept it around 72F. It’s amazing what little changes you make when you have your own place.) The process of adding more baseboard seems easy enough, so at some point that will be one of our summer projects.

This weekend has been very productive, and I hope to continue that on into today. We moved the TV stand around for better flow from the baseboards, for one. (So now it’s in the position I wanted it to be in when we moved here.) I got the encyclopedia set unpacked and our in the upper landing; Jacks’ room was cleaned; the small bedroom now has a sitting area and is a little more organized; I unpacked some kniknacks that had yet to see the light of day since we moved; and pretty much all the laundry was done, along with the dishes. I’m hoping to get more organizing done today and maybe a little more of the unessential unpacking. My main goal, however, is to finish Joe’s pair of socks that I started last April. We’ll see how that goes.


One response to ““This house is protected by killer dust bunnies.”

  1. sensiblevermonter January 20, 2009 at 6:27 am

    Awww I’m sorry to hear about all your pet, heat, and house issues!!!

    Sounds like even though you wish there was more time on the weekends (I totally agree with the four day work week and 3 day weekend, with the same pay of course!) it sounds like you’re getting a lot done.

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