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And people wonder why I don’t fully trust technology.

Read the following blurb:

TOWN I WORK IN — Oops. Because of a miscalculation, School Administrative District — officials learned Tuesday they’ll need to cut about $256,000 less from the budget proposal than they had planned.

School Superintendent  G———— said the error was his fault; it was discovered in his budget spreadsheet calculating the amount of local money needed.

“I am terribly embarrassed personally and feel horrible about the angst, anger, frustration, other emotions and extra work … that was caused because of this error,” G———- said Tuesday in an e-mail to the SAD — Board of Directors.

But the error is good news for the school district: SAD — will now need to cut about $327,000 — instead of $588,000 — in order not to raise property taxes. The budget proposal totals more than $10 million.

Oh, and it gets better. The reason for the issue? He simply forgot to click a cell into the formula on his spreadsheet, making it add incorrectly. Apparently both he and his secretary were too busy to check it with a calculator.


4 responses to “And people wonder why I don’t fully trust technology.

  1. sensiblevermonter May 20, 2009 at 6:03 am

    Woah. Yeah, technology can be scary when you put too much trust in it and then something like this happens.

  2. edusec May 21, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Yeah, same thing happened in our school district a few years back. They tried to make it look like such a good thing – “Hey, we miscalculated but look how good it is!” One wonders about all the times they goof and it’s not so good.

    I like your blog.

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