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Do I really need to add more to my day?!

I finally started the family blog (http://multifariousraymonds.wordpress.com) . We’ll see how well I do with updating it and all that. Joe’s supposedly going to do some updating as well, but we’ll see.

So, Joe’s got a new job. Granted, it will suck major because he’ll be traveling to Augusta instead of Skowhegan, but it’s using his degree and a career position that he says he’ll be willing to stay in for the long haul. (Thank the Lord an Lady, I need some form of stability!) It’s Marshall Interactive, a web service based off from a PR service. They’ve developed websites for places like Saddleback Inn and Skowhegan Savings Bank. It’s really good to see him super excited about this. There again, I’m also a little miffed he won’t get home until 5:30ish. I also have to admit I’m a little jealous that he’s in a position that’s using his degree already when he just graduated last year and I’ve been out for two years and have diddly squat. Grah.

In other news, the weekend visits with the dog that we’re trying to adopt, Belle, are going pretty well over all.

So this was the closest the two of them got last weekend:

alt text

We’ve decided to “force” the issue with the cat and left his food, water, and box downstairs. (We have gated off the washroom where the box is however. Belle didn’t eat anything, but did decide that it would be a wonderful idea to have cat crap under the kitchen table. Bah.) He came down a couple times yesterday and has been down once this morning, with Belle in the same room! :-) I have admit, the first time he came down last night I was so proud I actually started crying.

We didn’t bother closing her out of the bedroom either. Ashes didn’t hide under the bed once! The “little” boy stood his ground rather well! (So well, in fact, Belle wasn’t allowed to leave the room all night. Any time she went near the door Ashes growled at her and she would go back to bed.) The only hard part of keeping Belle off from our bed. I know she’s used to sleeping with her people, but I kind of want to break that habit out of the selfish reason that it’s already hard enough to share with the boy and the cat most nights. This is a queen sized bed, mind ya.

Here’s a couple better pictures of Belle. She’s a little hefty right now (53lbs), but we’re working on that. As best anyone can figure, she’s a mix with some Aussie Cattle Dog. If anyone has any ideas as to possible breeds, let me know! Oh, and yes, that’s her entire tail. Not much, I know.
alt text
alt text


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