A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

“In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.” ~Dereke Bruce

I don’t know if I have ever used that Dereke Bruce quote before, but I probably have. I simply love it. I’m not really sure who the man is, as best I can tell some animal rights activist, but I think he had hit the nail on the head with this one. Now owning one of both, I can really agree to that. However, I think I would also add something along the lines of the defiance of a rabbit and the irritability of a lovebird.

I’ve decided that it’s high time I try to get into some sort of schedule even though I’m not currently employed for the summer. At best cas I’ll have a job next week. Worst case scenario is that I remain temporarily unemployed. Regardless as to what happens, I feel that I have not been filling my day with enough as I have been constantly grazing like the cattle up the road. So thus, I’m planning on trying my hardest to stick to the following itinerary:

8:45 — Take shower, dress, get ready for day, etc.

9:15 — Take Belle for walk.

9:30 — Let Jacks out while knitting.

10:00 — Work on applications for school districts.

12:00 — Lunch time.

12:30 — Walk to P.O.

1:00 — Finish applications. If finished earlier, work on Helium articles.

2:00 — Coffee/tea/knitting break

2:30 — Fold laundry and get next load going.

3:00 — Dishes, dishes, and more dishes!

4:00 — Knitting break

4:15 — Work on picking up kitchen. Get rid of all the piles, make sure things are put where they belong.

5:30 — Decide on dinner/make in time for Joe to get home.

5:55 — Leave for TaeKwonDo

7:15 — Take Belle for walk.

7:30 — Let Jacks out.

Hopefully this will help me be a little more “on it” than what I have been the past week.

Oh! I’m hoping that this idea will help me post here more often: I’m going to start posting the Word of the Day from the linked page. Today’s is:


(adjective) [PROM-i-sor’-ee, PROM-i-soer’-ee]

1. relating to or having the character of a promise: “Todd apologized for tormenting the cat, and reinforced his commitment to better behavior with a promissory nod.”

2. indicating how the terms of an insurance contract will be carried out


Approximately 1450; from Medieval Latin, ‘promissorius’; from Latin, ‘promissor’: one who promises, from ‘promissus,’ past participle of ‘promittere’: to promise.


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