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It’s hump day!

So yesterday’s idea of working through a schedule hit a bit of a snag in the afternoon. I came down with a wicked headache that I had to nurse so that I could make it to TaeKwonDo. There’s no way I’m going to miss my classes! Speaking of which, next week is a stripe session, which makes me very nervous. I’m hoping I can hit the first six moves as the would give me my first stripe. But, I’m going to try to not get my hopes up. I will focus on the goal, yes, but not get upset if I don’t reach it.

8:45 — Take shower, dress, get ready for day, etc.

9:15 — Take Belle for walk.

9:30 — Let Jacks out while knitting.

10:00 — Work on applications for school districts/articles

12:00 — Lunch time.

12:30 — Walk to P.O.

1:00 — Clean, cut, and freeze strawberries.

2:00 — Coffee/tea/knitting break

2:30 — Fold laundry and get next load going.

3:00 — Dishes, dishes, and more dishes!

4:00 — Knitting break

4:15 — Work on picking up kitchen. Get rid of all the piles, make sure things are put where they belong.

5:30 — Decide on dinner/make in time for Joe to get home.

6:30 — Take Belle for walk.

6:45 — Dishes.

7:15 — Let Jacks out.



One response to “It’s hump day!

  1. sensiblevermonter July 1, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Don’t you just LOVE making lists to help you get things done?? I couldn’t live without mine. My fridge would be bare without my lists and scrap paper notes. :)

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