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Mind over Matter

This is something I’ve been missing a lot of as of late. Using my mind to help control the matter. I’ve been having a really hard time this past summer staying focused when it comes to pretty much anything. Since starting TaeKwonDo, it has gotten better, but it’s still not perfect. In Paganism, like any other religion, it’s important to have a firm mental grasp on what you are doing. If you’re working on spell work only to be thinking about the next episode of a show coming on tonight, you’re obviously not focused enough. Is your spell going to have the same effect as if you were focused? Not so much.

Mind over matter.

I love how this concept of reflecting to see whether or not we are focused is writtin, and I really agree with it.

However it is important for we witches not to take ourselves too seriously.  Life on this Earth Plain is not reality.  It is more like a cosmic game of badminton. While on court it is easy to forget that our real life lies beyond. The game is not reality; it’s just a game. Our lives on earth are like that game. When the game is over we retire to the astral coach’s office for a thorough debriefing. We learn from our experiences and can apply the lessons in our other lives; other games of badminton.”


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