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“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” ~Chinese Proverb

Some Pagans, such as myself, practice what I call the Craft. Yes, I Craft and I craft. Hardy, har, har. In all reality, the capitalization at the beginning of the word sets the two apart tremendously. Craft, with a little c, is simply the hobby and handy work of creating things with materials. Craft, with a big c, is the work of religious belief and a manner of praying to whatever pathenon you choose to worship.

Before I go further into things here, I would like to comment that the Craft, also known as Witchcraft, is not a “black art” nor a form of “Devilry.” The idea of it being the adverse of prayer was something that wasn’t started until Christianity became a large force in Europe. Christianity for years had been persecuted by the Romans andGreeks. In it’s hayday, Christians would acutally work side-by-side with Druids in a way to upsurp the Greeks and fidn hidden ways to practice their religion. when Chriatians came into power, they did as any segregated group would. They lashed out and tried to make sure that what happened to them once wouldn’t happen again. Sure enough, in doing so they did what had been done to them to others. In their force to make sure they were never kept form praciticing thei religion, Christians of the tiem began pegging any heathen practices as work of the “Devil” since it couldn’t have been God’s work since he would never let the Greek pagans treat them as they had. Hopefully you can see how this form of prayer known as Witchcraft was simply pegged as “Devilry” out of spite.

Now that I’ve deviated from my original course of discussion, let me back track a bit. There are Pagans that practice teh Craft and then there are those that do not. I practice the Craft. I will admit that I do not practice as much as I should, but I’m getting there.

One of the key forms that I, and many other Witches, practice is candle magic, which is simply the use of candles in magical workings. Some feel that there are specific guidelines that must be followed during candle magic. Once again, I state that these guidelines are just that: guidelines. They are not rules, they are not laws. Different colors can be used for different meanings and may vary in that meaning from person to person, culture to culture. (In the near future I hope to start correspondence pages that will help give ideas to those looking for such.)

With all that has been happening in my life recently (leaving a job to take up subbing, going back to school, dealing with the reprecussions of being more vocal of my beliefs), I have needed to fall back on the Craft more than ever. The other night I was moved to do a simple courage spell. I called the Lord and Lady to me and proceeded to inscribe the word “courage” on a red candle. Asking for their help, I left the candle burning as I worked in the bedroom cleaning and organizing. The next two days I lit the candle any time I was in the room for more than a few minutes.

The third day, I lit the candle and it went out after only a couple minutes. I tried to light it again, thinking it was a gust of wind that just happened to blow out only the “courage” candle and not the ones calling the Lord and Lady. The candle would not light. In my asking I had asked for the extra courage as long as it was needed. There are many ways to take the blowing out and un-relighting of the “courage” candle. In that moment, and even now, I read it to mean that the courage I asked for is here, I simply need to use it.


2 responses to ““Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” ~Chinese Proverb

  1. Be Green & Save Green! November 22, 2009 at 2:27 am

    I like this post…..my husband and I have chose Buddhism as the “religion” that fits our belief…..but in my younger years I did do some minimal research on Wica. There is a TON of interesting stuff there! Honestly, to this day whenever I have a green candle I’ll put a star formation of coins around it (and one coin under it). I’ve read this is kind of like a money “prayer”, or asking the universe for money or however you would like to word it. It really just comforts me to know there is a “universe” to ask and then shortly there-after a solution presents itself (money wise).

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. habitsofamouse November 22, 2009 at 8:54 am

    Thanks for the kind words! It’s nice to know that there are others out there that didn’t end up falling into one of two categories after researching Wicca: 1. sucked in and trying to abide all of the rules, or 2. completely turned off to all religion. You’re completely right, there’s just so much out there to read on the topic!

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