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Beltane…and thoughts on intuition

The past few days have been interesting, to say the least. The issues that I’ve been going through seem to be similar to last year’s, but magnified. My intuition and third eye have been so over-reactive to things that it’s wearing me down. I’ve been seeing visions and having dreams that are causing me to rethink a lot, but in a good way. They have been directing me onto a path that I can breathe on right now. For that, I thank them. However, this sudden change in energy being poured into that “other realm” is something I’m simply not used to.

At first I didn’t understand what was going on, why this sudden push came now, but then I looked at the calendar. First off, Wednesday was a full moon, something that always leaves me drained. I can’t sleep at this point of the cycle and I’m too energetic to stay focused on one thing. Doing some refreshing of my knowledge, I found the most wonderful site: Lunarium. I’m hoping that I can really get into this site a bit more in the next month or so. It looks full of information.

The second issue at hand that I was reminded of by the calendar is that Beltane has arrived. For those of you who don’t know me well enough to know this, Beltane is one of those holidays were everything hits the wall for me. I get ridiculously broody, but also a bit spastic. While this site may seem a little “fluff-bunny” to some, it does have some really good information. I especially like how she sums up how many people react during Beltane:


◊ You could find yourself day-dreaming a lot more than usual.
◊ You may start making more of an effort in your appearance.
◊ You could find yourself being more approachable as your personality may become passive.
◊ You could be feeling more sensual and sexual than normal.
◊ You could be more sociable than usual.


◊ You could find yourself wanting the company of others more often.
◊ You may find yourself being keen and enthusiastic to get things accomplished.
◊ You could find yourself being easily distracted and find it hard to concentrate.
◊ You may have an unexplained drive for success and accomplishment pushing you forwards.
◊ You could find yourself feeling more sensual and sexual than usual.

The hilarious thing is that both my husband and I are matching a lot of the symptoms, which may not be noticeable to some due to our drive anyhow, are noticeable to us.

I hope that tomorrow, being Beltane, I can spend some time outdoors collecting fiddleheads, working in the gardens, and just enjoying the beauty that is around our home. I guess you could call that motivation for getting things done today so as to enjoy tomorrow.

As I’ve discovered that part of my family came from Wales, I began looking more into the religions in the area, with a specific focus on Paganism, and will probably make this into a huge summer project once school is done with for the year. Below is some of the information that I have found regarding the Welsh practices of May Day, Beltane, Beltaine, or the First of Summer, whatever you may call it.

Calan Mai (or Calan Haf)

Calan Mai, or the First Day of Summer, is a day when the veil between this world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest point. The only other holy day that has this aspect is Samhain, which is fitting as these two are opposite the wheel. The celebrations for Calan Mai normally start before sundown the day before and continue until sundown on Calan Mai.

Hawthorn berries and branches decorate front doors during this time as a sign of fertility. In some areas, cowslips and rowan twigs were also gathered. It’s important to remember, however, that it is very unlucky to bring these items into the house, specifically hawthorn.

Men who had lost their love to another had their own ritual. They would create a man out of straw and place him in the yard of the woman they had been courting, normally leaving a note on the strawman. It was an open invitation for the current lover and cast-off courtier to fight over the lady at the May Day fair. There is a wonderful connection here to Welsh myth and legends:

There are echoes here of the fight mentioned in the Mabinogion story of “Culwch and Olwen” between Gwyn ap Nudd (mythological king of the Otherworld) and Gwythyr fab Greidawl. Creiddylad, described as “the most majestic girl in Britain or the three offshore islands” had gone to Gwythyr, but before he could sleep with her, Gwyn ap Nudd carried her off by force. Arthur made peace between the two men by decreeing that Creiddylad would stay in the house of her father and every Calan Mai the two men would fight for her; whoever was the winner on the Judgement day would take her. This story itself probably echoes an older ritual where the god of the winter half of the year fights with the god of the summer half, in this case, in order to win the goddess of sovereignty or the land.

The battle of Winter and Summer were often acted out by men portraying the seasons as part of the May Day festivities.


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