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Daily Affirmation for May 3rd

I’ve decided to begin work on doing daily affirmations using the Science of Mind website to pull them from. It seems that lately my focus has been so off base that it’s not even laughable. With the stress and “newness” of today, I am realizing it even more.

Today’s affirmation:

“Accepting change as a spiritual adventure, I move through all my expe­riences as a divine being. I give myself permission to behave boldly and map my inward journey with love.”

I think I have forgotten that I am a spiritual being, that I am not simply another empty vessel in this world floating along. It seems that there are far too many people that wake up, go about their day, and then go to bed not knowing the magnificence of the life they have and the splendor of the one that waits for them, if only they are willing to look at their life with honor, love, and humility.

This affirmation comes at a time where I’m wrapping up my first semester of graduate school and I have been perpetually afraid that everything and anything I write will not be good enough…that I will fail. If I look at these last few steps with trepidation and failure in my heart, I will fail. I need to let love and the passion that I feel for these projects guide me boldly through the last few days that I have on this.

This is also the beginning of application season. In fact, I have an interview today for a summer job. I’m scared, but I can’t let the be the ruler here. I have to keep in mind that I am a divine being and no matter where today leads me, it will not be for nothing.


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