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Daily Affirmation for May 4th

Once again from Science of Mind:

“I look for and find great satisfaction in my interactions with all who come my way. I give generously of all that I am and all that I have. With delight, I live as a happy, healthy expression of the free-flowing abun­dance of Life.”

I think that sometime my generosity is confused with guilt and annoyance over not knowing what way to turn. Or maybe I’m just too free flowing…but I’m having difficulties right now making decisions. I love what I do as a substitute teacher, but I love working with students no matter the situation. It’s hard to focus on a daily affirmation when your guilt and “what if” complex are getting in the way of your thoughts.

I was offered a job yesterday at a much lower pay-rate than what I’m at now, but the plus side is that this will turn into a full-time summer job. The only reason they want me to start now is so that I’ll know the kids by the time summer comes and I’m working with them for eight hours a day instead of only four.  I could still sub mornings, but I’m afraid of losing out on opportunities at Warsaw, even though this job offer would have me close to home and I could make connections in my community. I know I shouldn’t be this indecisive about it…but…*shrug*

I guess yesterday’s affirmation needs to be revisited a bit more this morning before I move on to today’s.

“Accepting change as a spiritual adventure, I move through all my expe­riences as a divine being. I give myself permission to behave boldly and map my inward journey with love.”


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