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Daily Affirmation for May 20th

Daily Affirmation:

In this moment, I restore my consciousness to the true essence of who I am, Spirit in expression. I call upon the vitality, enthusiasm, hope, and peace within me as I take steps to restore myself to wholeness. I trust the divine pattern of my life to restore itself in my experience now.

The past few mornings have been spent working on applications for teaching positions. I have roughly nine of them that are being prepped to go out into the mail this weekend. While doing this, I realized that I was having a really hard time keeping hope and enthusiasm alive during the process. It’s disheartening to begin every new calendar year still looking for a job. I think there are many educators that take for granted that they have a career, one to go back to in the fall. On that same note, I realized that I do have a world of experience in my resume (one which is two pages long) but the issue is that many don’t see the meaning behind the words. While I had a few interviews last summer, nothing led to anything as far as a career was concerned. I have faith that this fall will be different. It is simply a matter of keeping the Spirit in me at the forefront and not getting discouraged.


One response to “Daily Affirmation for May 20th

  1. sensiblevermonter May 20, 2010 at 6:20 am

    It’s a good thing you can see this any make the conscious decision not to get discouraged. :)

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