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Crafty Updates!

Alright, I was going to update the family blog first, but I’m just not feeling it. So I’ll update further on my crafts instead.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, no we are not expecting. However, I wanted to start working on piece for the hope chest. This one is simply the pattern for dishcloths continued on. Yes, it will be a small blanket, but that’s alright. The yarn I found at the Dollar Tree of all places. While I’m not big on acrylic for my own pieces of knitting, this is really soft and machine washable…which is always a plus when it comes to anything for little tykes!

I know, not much to look at, but the colors reminded me of Grasshopper ice cream. :-) Anyhow, it’s a good way to use up acrylic that I got for Yule. This will be for my 6″ x 8″ digital art pad that the husband got me for Yule last year. Right now the silly thing is still in its plastic sleeve.

This is a cotton facial scrubbie that I tried on a whim. (This is crochet by the way, not knit.) I really love how it came out and I’m planning on making myself a set of about ten of them. They may end up being in Yule presents this year for some of my girlfriends.

Ah! The much talked about Charlie Brown blanket! I started this beast back at the apartment and it’s still being worked on! It’s made with rug yarn and weighs a ton. Hopefully I will finish it sometime this winter.


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