A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Daily Affirmation

Yesterday was horrible. It had me cussing like a sailor about everything. I’m currently dealing with an upper respiratory cold that’s putting me in a foul mood, on top of my allergies acting up, and my asthma peaking for the first time in nearly four year. (I actually used my inhaler last night for the first time in three years, only to realize that it’s two years past expiration and probably didn’t accomplish anything.) The kids are pushing me to my limit and my team-counselor isn’t doing much of anything to help. He’s actually adding to the problem more than anything. I came home early feeling awful physically and mentally. I finished my paper for my class (it’s pretty much the worst I think I could have done on a topic I love) and sent it in not wanting to ever see the results. Not to mention I came home to having had the town decimated the trees along our road. Then, to top everything off, I burnt a brownie in the microwave.

However, I love my daily affirmation:

Today, I cast my vote for love and happiness. I choose to be more, accept more, and give more. Generosity flows from me and joy returns to me.

Today will be a better day. I will go into work more rested then before, with a vial of lemon shots to help with the phlegm. The kids will be better behaved. They will listen. They will respect me and my team-counselor (or at least me).

I will come home and work on homework without fear for my grade. Whatever I get will be what I get, nothing more nothing less. There is still the final test to take next week. Overall, I have loved this course and am proud of the work I have accomplished.

Today will be better.


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