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Crafting Update

Well, I decided it’s been a long time since a crafting update came up on here. This will probably end up cross-posted into the family blog as well, but we’ll see.

My socks.

I’m still working away on my first pair of sport weight socks. I’m hoping to get them finished sometime soon as Joe’s been bugging me to make him another pair as well. I’m using these as my experiment socks and trying a different heel and toe method compared to the first one of the pair.

Scarf for a co-worker.

The school I work at currently uses the “FISH Philosophy for Schools.” One of my co-workers is a huge beleiver in it and is always doing things for others. I decided to knit her something to show my personal appreciation and chose the School At Play pattern from my new book using Cascade Yarns Cotton Rich DK in color 2403. I do need to go back and get some more yarn at Pins and Needles, however.

Part one of a twelve pane blanket.

The last project to update on is one that really hits close to home. Joe and I have decided to continue on with trying to collect and make things for when we finally do have a child of our own. We’ve also decided that the blanket I began thinking about will become reality. It will be worked in multiple hues of green, pieced together, and then given a flannel cotton backing. My goal is to make one pane of the blanket a month. The idea for this came from a very simple dish cloth pattern that I absolutely loved. Somehow, I think because of the tension in how I knit, mine are coming out kind of 3-D.

There are other projects going on, but as those are gifts, I can’t really post about those until they’re done and gone. I’ll try to remember to take photos, however!


2 responses to “Crafting Update

  1. karin February 4, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    ooh…I just saw that one skein sock book the other day and thought it was definitely one for my bookshelf. Is it good?

  2. habitsofamouse February 5, 2011 at 10:54 am

    It’s wonderful! There’s a little bit of everything in it. I’m hoping to make a couple of the shawls that are in there for cooler summer nights this year.

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