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Trimming the Excess – Step I

Originally I had started a freelance writing blog. I also have this personal blog and the family blog I look after. not to mention an online portfolio in bad need of revamping. My schooling is suffering and I still have yet to make a very good stab at craft fairs.

I’ve been feeling so scattered. Then I came across this wonderful post on a blog I frequent on a regular basis: Create Time to Change Your Life. The big comment that Leo Babauta made that really struck me follows.

I had a lot of commitments in my life — I coached soccer, was on the PTA board, served on a lot of committees at work, had social commitments as well, worked on a number of projects.

Slowly I cut them out. They seemed important but in truth none of them were as important as the life I wanted to create, the changes I wanted to make. Lots of things are important — but which are the absolute most important? Make a decision.

I can easily see how I began on this road. So now is the time to cut things before things get too big for me to handle. First off, the freelance blog is gone. I saved it all so that I have my writings and what not, but on my walk today a thought hit me. If I’m trying to live frugally, start a homestead, and live a green/organic lifestyle, shouldn’t my writing focus primarily on that? I think it should. I know it’s a flooded niche right now, but oh well. Sometimes you just need to grab a  branch and wait for the waters to recede.

Trimming the Excess. This is step one.


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