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Living life fastforward….

It seems like lately everything I do I’m thinking of the immediate consequences, but the long term future. Take for instance the chickens we now have: each day I think about how to care for them, the immediate needs that they have, and how the weather will effect them before I leave for work. At the same time my mind is filled with ideas for the coop that needs building before mid August, the idea of adding additional birds, and the possibility of meat birds next year, not to mention making a couple more chicken tractors and maybe adding guinea hens for tick control.

While I may be aiming at the simple life, it seems that the simple life is living it all a little fastforward….


One response to “Living life fastforward….

  1. karin July 1, 2011 at 6:06 am

    That is the conundrum of simple living…as much as we want to live in the moment, the seasonality of the lifestyle means we are always thinking about the future.

    I blame it on that to-do list:p

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