A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

Sometimes the most amazing things are not the grandest…

Each week that goes by blows my mind. The idea that there will soon be a child in my house is something that I never looked forward to growing up. I never wanted a family, I wanted the ideal “city life” of freedom, parties, a steady job, killer flat, and public transit.

All of that, thankfully, changed when I found my husband and began finding myself. I am blessed by that.

Each time I feel the baby move, I smile. I no longer complain about clothes not fitting, as there’s a reason behind it. There are too many baby-oriented projects going on in my house to count. I no longer think about things on the homestead in the manner of “sometime” but in the manner of “now,” as in “now” I have a family that needs this healthier, happier life style.

While all these changes are not grand in size, appearance, or extravagance, they are amazing. They are the most amazing changes I have ever come across.

To think that all these little amazing changes all started with one cookie close to eight years ago just makes me smile.


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