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Welcome, Vaughn Fitch!

As you can all tell, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to write in here. While I may have even less time in the near future, I wanted to share our son’s birth story with you. With any luck, I’ll find time to write a more in depth post at some point.

Vaughn Fitch Raymond finally came into the world on 11/11/11.

Thursday morning (11/10/11) around 9am my water broke. Hoping that wasn’t the case as I hadn’t had any contractions in the last sixteen hours, I finished the vacuuming before calling the hubby. By the time he got there, I was only having minor contractions. I was admitted into the hospital at 75-80% with 1cm dilated. They let nature take it’s course, but after 8 hours I was still the same. With the help of pertocin, I was able to reach 5.5-6cm, but was there for roughly 4 hours. I was exhausted and decided to go with an epidural after they said that it might be another 4 to 6 hour of labor. The eipdural went in wrong, causing a nerve to fire off in my leg, before it was placed right. After the epidural was in they noticed that Vaughn’s heart rate was decreasing with every contraction. We decided that a c-section was the safest way for him to come into the world.

My personal recovery after the c-section was kind of hairy as my heart rate kept dipping down into the 80s.

We’re both doing well now and are finding the cloth diapers in conjunction with the cluster feeding to be a bit of an…experience. The hubby’s been awesome at taking care of me. :-) My stitches came out Friday and Vaughn’s first appointment was last Thursday.. Thankfully he loves to ride in the car, as his appointment was 45 minutes away. He’s gaining weight the way he should and his jaundice has gotten much better. We’re slowly finding a balance around here, but it’s going to take time, as all good things do.


3 responses to “Welcome, Vaughn Fitch!

  1. Cindy Taylor November 22, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Tasha … he is so cute!!!! Now you know that it is so worth the wait!!!

  2. swanski November 23, 2011 at 5:22 am

    He is adorable and look at all of that hair!!! My! I am so happy for you and hope you have a speedy recovery (and that he sleeps!).

  3. Tasha Raymond March 29, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Thanks, Cindy and swanski! Sorry it took me so long to publicly thank you both on here. Things have been a little crazy. ;-)

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