A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.


So, I am thoroughly frustrated. I have been fighting with the family blog for over a month to try and create a great looking site that I fell the want and need to add to. Ever since moving it off from the free WordPress to my husband’s webspace I’ve been creatively stifled. I finally start getting things to work, but the theme I’m using won’t allow me to show full entries, instead it is ridiculously insistent on showing only summaries. I’m about ready to cry. I love the set up and love the colors, but I want the full text there. This is so maddening.

To make matters worse, but in a very different manner, Vaughn’s cutting his first tooth. This is both a plus and a minus. He’s a bit happier because now that it’s crowning, some of the pressure’s off. However, not the issue is the pain and inflammation from the cutting itself. I picked up some ibuprofen to try him on as the acetaminophen doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. As much as I love him, I’ll be glad when he’s happy enough to be back in his own bed at night. My back is a bit sore from losing half of my space.


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