A Mouse's Tale

Random scurryings of a writer.

3am Meditations

It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. Both the hubby and the boy are snoring away, and I envy them.

I know a lot of it is fear of the future, and that’s not helping. Future opportunities, financial future, the future of old friendship soured by misunderstanding, the future of where our nation is heading – nay, our world…

So much bothering me and no one to talk it all out with. Some days I wish we never grew up to have families and responsibilities. Some days teenage angst over petty little things seemed easier than lack of communication with other adults. Some days you could put on your headphones and forget the world. Some days those days seem ages away.

The future is unsettled right now. Apologies mean nothing. Personal values and religions are squandered. Cultural acceptions are only made if you live far outside the “norm.” One party can forgive past hurts while another claims pain and suffering beyond repair. Our world is falling to pieces.

I would never trade what I have done for who I am. I love my life, the friends that I have and the world that I am building. However, I fear the shift in our society to that of a “me” nation has gone to the point that it will take generations to repair. Our world was far better when people play by the rules of “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say it.”

I ask for understanding on such deep thoughts at such an hour, but this is where my meditations have led. Some of you may take offense to this and misinterpret the reflections upon the world at large and center themselves in the midst of everyone’s mindset. These words are simply the early morn musings of a poet who is saddened by the war, greed, death, and cultural rifts in the world written in a language that she can express such emotions.

Alas, words are words and not actions. ‘Tis time to maybe think of making ripples in the water instead of watching the waves roll past.


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