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Trips and Trials

Things have been a bit crazy the last month or so. With things finally winding down for harvest, now it’s time to work on getting things ready for winter, and for our first family trip.

The husband is going out to Rochester, NY, for some training for work. The entire family gets to go. While I know I should be dancing in the streets about this, I’m super nervous. The first year that I have a close friend that I could plan something for Samhain with, and I can’t do it. Not to mention just the fact that I won’t be home at all for the new year, AND that I’ve never been away from my criddos for long in the past four years (save when in the hospital to have Vaughn). I’m a bundle of nerves about the entire thing.

That being said, I’ll make it through. It’s just that there’s a lot to do that I need to keep track of and get done sooner than later. This is just part of what I can remember:

  • Absentee ballots
  • Animal care sheet
  • Animal care kit
  • Packing lists
  • Snack/shopping lists
  • Emergency contact sheet
  • Make duplicates of keys
  • Full clean on chicken coop

Oh, and our printer died a month ago. We’re just not going to be receiving a new one in the mail. Anyone who knows me knows I have a hell of a time reading notes on the computer and writing from that.

Vaughn also had his first cold that, which he lovingly shared with the family. He’s also added four more teeth, for a total of six.

It’s been a very long month.


One response to “Trips and Trials

  1. sensiblevermonter October 16, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Sounds like a stressful first trip. But you know, you will get through it, and after it is all done, you will have one trip under your belt, making the next one that much easier. :)

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