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Crazy, Wonderful Life

Character is what emerges from all the little things you were too busy to do yesterday, but did anyway.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook

The trip to New York went better than any of us imagined. The ride over was long (14 hours), so on the way back we broke things up and stayed at a nice little B&B in Proctorsville, VT, which gave us the chance to visit with some friends. While we were in New York, however, we didn’t let the chance to do a little site-seeing pass us by.

I think my favourite part of the trip might have been going to the Mount Hope Cemetery. Home to 370,000 souls (which is a third of the population of Maine, for those interested in comparisons), it was a warm experience to have on Samhain. We were even given a wonderful send off from the cemetery by a rookery of crows.


All of the buildings from the 1800s made me feel oddly at home. (I really do feel that the last life that I have the strongest recollection of was in the early- and mid-1800s.) We did make sure to see both Frederick Douglass’ and Susan B. Anthony’s graves, both of which we took photos of. Unfortunately it was getting late, and cold, so we didn’t have the time to visit the Civil War soldiers, or the orphans from the asylum. The cemetery is 54 acres, so it takes a bit of time to move around, especially with a stroller. 

However, because of how awesome of an experience it was, we’re now planning to visit a different cemetery each Samhain. I think this will be a great way to teach Vaughn the importance of the holiday. I love the idea, and I’m so glad the hubby’s on board.

We also visited Niagara Falls, which as great as it was, I think I got the biggest joy out of watching the black Eastern Gray squirrels running around.


Since we’ve been home, it’s been insane. I’ve been trying to give more into my faith – meditating, spell work, prayer – but it’s been crazy. I do have to say, visiting Mount Hope really helped me find that sense of peace I had been missing the past few months. I wonder if that’s a sign that I need to visit with the ancestors more often.


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