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Sources of Hate

It blows my mind that more people don’t realize that the key source to hate and horrible acts normally lies within misunderstandings passed along through stereotypes.

A friend of mine posted an article about Sonali, an Indian girl who was attacked for daring to seek an education.

Someone on her friends list posted a very stereotyping comment. I’m going to post the exchange here because I think it’s one that not only am I proud that I stepped up in, but it’s also one that I think more people need to be having in order to force others to realize how limiting and horrible their stereotyping can be.

B: Muslims at their finest.

Me: Really, Bryan? Are you that uneducated of a human being to not realize that stereotyping is the cause of this sort of hatred?

B: Yep. I am uneducated . I know absolutely NOTHING about islam. I dont live in an Islamic country or have friends who have had their heads cut off for apostasy. Thank Christ there are folks like you aound to educate all the dumbasses like me. Please Tasha, pray do tell me the last time you witnesed a girl having acid thrown in her face because she went to school? Or how about the last time someone shot your dog in the chest because dogs are ‘unclean”? Or maybe you can educate me about all times you saw a woman get 100 + lashes for being gang raped. Would you also assume that I was uneducated if I said the holocaust was a great example of Nazi’s at their finest? If I commented on a picture of a woman who was raped to death and said “rapist at their finest” would you say that “that sort of clothing causes rape”. Was it all those angry Jews that caused Nazi’s to exterminate them? Do animal rights activist cause the slaughterhouses to slaughter more cows? Any way thanks for all the education. Ill be sure to look up your latest lecture on youtube and take notes with bated breath. In the mean time, I suggest you leave whatever tiny town you live in and go see the world. Then let’s talk about “education”.

Me: Education has nothing to do with “seeing the world” or the horrible events in it, but everything to do with having an open mind and an open heart. Not all Muslims act in such a horrid way. 

None of your arguments are valid to my main point, my friend. You stereotyped when you claimed, “Muslims at their finest.” I can give you the benefit of the doubt that what you said was dripping with sarcasm, but your response shows that it unfortunately was not. 

All those arguments that you typed? Well, just more fine examples of stereotyping: 
– A stereotype that girls are lesser beings and should not be taught. 
– A stereotype that dogs are a lesser creatures than humans.
– A stereotype that all Nazi soldiers were of free mind and will during the Holocaust; not to mention the stereotype that the die-hard Nazis had about Jews being inferior.
– A stereotype that rapists have in their heads that women are lesser beings — Not to mention the one that just because someone doesn’t see the worst in everyone must assume that it’s the victim’s fault. (Really? Assuming that I would assume clothing causes rape? Seeing how I’ve been in the situation of almost being raped and have had friends and family members go through the ordeal, that idea is just laughable.)
– A stereotype that animal rights activists know what they’re doing. Because of PETAs push for killing all “non-native” animals in some areas, they’ve done more harm than good. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that last idea of yours – the stereotype that education is something that can be taught in a classroom with a teacher, books, and lectures. That is one form of education, but – and I think we can agree here – not the most important. 

I might live in a small state, but I’ve seen my fair share of horrible things, Bryan. It doesn’t cause me to stereotype the world around me. In fact, it forces the opposite: the realization that those that commit such acts are not the norm.

I stand by my original response: Stereotyping is the source of all hatred.
Personally, I could care less what he writes back. I always have a hard time being concise in what I think and feel when it comes to writing to other people, especially those I don’t know. I think that this time I was very eloquent. Even though my original comment was straight and to the point, apparently I hit a nerve with this young man. Good. Without those nerves being hit, people don’t grow.

One response to “Sources of Hate

  1. passionfortruths May 23, 2013 at 6:47 am

    Yes, personal discernment is important. Hatred arises from lack of such.

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