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I’ve been watching old episodes of “As Told By Ginger” on YouTube. Most of the second and third season I never got to see thanks to a combination of the end of high school being just great – and me actually having some school spirit – and college beginning, something that really threw me for a loop. It’s been absolutely great. People can give me grief if they want, but there are just some things that are never-ending awesomeness.

One of the episodes that I never saw, that really hit me today, was the 8th grade graduation one. The entire episode just reeked of real life – not only 8th grade, but senior year of high school, senior year of college, and beyond. All I can possibly keep thinking about are my three closest friends growing up in school. My best-frend from elementary school and I drifted from her being a bit too….much. My best friend and I from middle school saw a split due to my giving in to two things – immaturity and peer pressure. My best-friend from high school, my “Sis,” and I fell out off and on after starting college. The best part to all of this? My Sis and I are now tighter than ever, on many levels. My friend from middle school? We’re starting to reconnect.

What am I trying to get at? I guess I don’t really know. Even though I have a best-friend that I met through college/work and am now super tight to, it’s still nice to have old friends who know the pre-college me – for some odd reason it keeps me feeling like they keep me in check, like they won’t let me forget who I was and wehre I came from. Obviously, that’s not the only reason I’m glad to still have their friendship, but that’s….kind of what’s on my mind right now.

Old friends, while you may grow apart, are friends that have seen the best and worst of you.

New friends are the ones who help you on the next step of growth.

I guess this is kind of a deep post for my first personal post in a while. Oh well. :-)


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