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Taking A Break From Social Media

So, here we go again. I’m taking a break from the world of social media….well, kind of. I’m having the hubster effectively “shut off” my Facebook account so that I can’t get into it. Why? Well, it’s just in the way. There’s so much more I could be doing: school work, house work, homestead chores, writing, reading….LIFE in general, not to mention spending time with my family.

I stumbled across this piece a while back and want to share it:

Taking A Break From Social Media.

It hits the nail on the head for me, especially this little ditty:

I returned to find my phone had gone absolutely nuts in my absence… and the response was quite overwhelming, not at all what I was expecting. Messages of concern and worry for me, some were filled with cynicism and some were just plain rude. One friend even called me laughing, he thought it was ridiculous. To be honest I was quite shocked at the reaction this action had caused.

The last time I took a break from social media, I had one person claim that it was a massive “fail” due to the fact that she only contacts people via Facebook. What does that say about our society? *shakes head* This is part of the other reason I’m doing it. If I ever want to see a change, to see society go back to where people actually call, e-mail, or – gasp – write and send a letter, it’s time to step up.


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